Laam’s work focuses on topics related to dreams/emotions/spirituality, and she says she explores the relationship between body and spirit in a surreal way. In my opinion, her work has a lot of irrational, raw emotions. She uses various handmade pieces to illustrate how this emotion/aesthetic influences her thinking about the world, making her work unique.

Because of the handmade nature of her work, it will be a limited or even one-of-a-kind item in many cases. However, coupled with her love of scavenging vintage items to make artwork (old buttons/old fabrics), viewers who are also interested in vintage items/vintage elements will enjoy her work. And I understand she is also into doll-making and occult-related knowledge, so if she can combine these elements, this would be a more substantial consumer base.

This work is very attractive in its form and stands out especially when placed alongside many paper objects. She should perhaps have given more thought to the way in which it was displayed, as the installation is expected to function more interactively by the viewer than the usual illustrations. Perhaps she should have made more reference to the way other three-dimensional works are exhibited.