Molly Mendoza is an artist currently living in Portland. The two published comics, ‘skip’ and ‘stray’, are published by Nobrowpress and Bulgilhanprress respectively. She later signed up with Writers House, a Literary Agency, to represent her work.

She loves making comics. Over the course of her career she has illustrated for publications such as The New York Times, The Marshall Project, Wired, and Hazlitt. Molly has also created murals around the city of Portland for Portland Parks, Open Signal, and TriMet.

She has an active social media account. I’ve seen that she updates almost once a week with some manga plots/illustrations/fan art (she loves the Japanese manga JOJO). Her account was mostly sketches and fan art in the early days, but now it’s basically all about her previously published new books. I find it challenging to keep a social account active for long periods and to keep the style unique and consistent. Also, I often struggle to keep up with the posting frequency because I draw too slowly.