I have tried to present some of the ideas in feminist literary criticism theory in a more accessible and visual way. The zine I am currently working on is the first book in the series and is a sort of prologue to the whole series. It’s based on the book The Madwoman in the Attic, which draws on the story of Snow White to point out the spell of the ‘male narrative’ that women writers must break if they want to write.

I hope that this work will serve as a kind of brief instruction manual, showing the audience that before the birth of feminist thought, women writers were alone in their search for themselves, trying to respond with literature to their own contradictions about their dreams and their lives. I also hope that it will take away some of the fear of reading critical literary works from readers who are interested in the subject. In my experience, these authors’ books are very readable and beautiful rhetoric because of their outstanding writing skills.


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Question: Explaining specific terms and concepts can only be conveyed most accurately through words, and I was concerned that there would be too many words for the audience to want to read

The next topic I want to cover is:

Catherine and Heathcliff – feminine heaven and hell

Jane Eyre – female hunger, deprivation and madness

Weilong — The temptations that surround women