How can you manage and structure an illustration project this semester?/AIM

  • This term, I would like to explore my knowledge of publication-related skills such as book cover design, pattern design, bookbinding and printing techniques.
  • I plan to use some of my work to enter competitions, for example, my current project – the cover design for the novel Wuthering Heights, which I hope to join in the AOI in 2.14. If I don’t finish it, I will enter it in Hiii illustration or 3✖️3.

What professional skills do you need to develop this semester?

  • This term, I want to improve my composition and image integrity. How to make the work quicker/more straightforward for the audience to understand while keeping the work interesting.
  • Sometimes I waste time by getting bogged down in unnecessary details.  (it is essential to study the composition)

What technical skills do you need to develop this semester?

  • bookbinding
  • try more printing techniques and become more proficient in the use of risograph/other printing skills to produce more complex images

What creative skills do you need to develop this semester?

  • Experimenting with new ways of expression (forms/materials/storytelling?)