A New Kind Of Color Film testing

I photographed and scanned and tested a colour negative film that would change the colour of the subject itself. New inspiration and ideas for future shoots were provided. Different such films can be used to create a world of different visual effects. After practising developing colour negatives C-41 and D-11 black and white negatives during […]

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Tongbo Dong’s New Statement

I am a contemporary photographer and performance artist who combines many forms of expression. When I go out to take photographs I spend a lot of time trying to see things in a less direct way. I have seven years of experience as a commercial photographer and film director, but I decided to move away […]

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Natural soul

Project title:Natural soul Medium:Photograph、Canvas、Spray-paint、Lego Dimensions:420mmx594mm Photograph*2、1500mm high Spray-paint Project statement:This series of work use the creative methods commonly used by artists that artificially intervene in the final effect. The artist Tongbo Dong sampled different plants in the same season, through the intervention of external physical means, the photography presents the firm state and slow thinking […]

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