Natural soul

Project title:Natural soul


Dimensions:420mmx594mm Photograph*2、1500mm high Spray-paint

Project statement:This series of work use the creative methods commonly used by artists that artificially intervene in the final effect. The artist Tongbo Dong sampled different plants in the same season, through the intervention of external physical means, the photography presents the firm state and slow thinking of the plants. As a derivative exploration of street photography, the artist mixed spray paint, commercial logos, plastic eye patches, and unfinished print forms to confuse people’s viewing experience. Aesthetically, the two colors are contrasting, showing a strong visual impact. The spray paint in the picture is like a creature active in nature, symbiotic with the original nature, giving them eyes. People are invited to watch the spray paint traces, just like the biological reaction on the surface of a plant, and they can even have an eye-contact with the photo. Tongbo intends to create a multi-layered photo that covers information from different sources and promote a new aesthetic narrative.