Covert Relationship

Covert Relationship Any human cannot exist in the isolation from society, and the whole society is just like a giant social sculpture, in which each of us lives, and has its own unique function.  And the senior citizens, as a wildly interesting part in the big environment, have their own distinct rhythm of life and […]

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Shape in motion

Shape in motion Circle is a flat figure complies with abstract and closed appearance that covering radius and diameter. The ancients first explored the circle concept from the sun and the moon on the fifteenth lunar calendar. Hence a circle contains two types including external form layer and abstract form in terms of ancient Chinese aesthetics. While it is composed of curves and 360° in shape in terms of forms, accompanying smooth, rounded […]

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Hanging in the night like a ghost

Hanging in the night like a ghost The younger generation of students walks alone after school in the middle of the night. Anxious, depressive, evasive, and uncertain states have become the inherent characteristics of their spirituality. This daily scene is like a national fable mentioned by Fredric Jameson, “the great country and lonely ghosts.”   […]

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My Artist Statement

While out making photographs, I spend a great deal of time trying to see things in a less literal way. I use this time to take all the variables and elements into consideration, and enter my practice from a sociological or anthropological perspective. My camera serves as a mirror, that demonstrates how the democratic nature […]

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