Tongbo Dong’s New Statement

I am a contemporary photographer and performance artist who combines many forms of expression. When I go out to take photographs I spend a lot of time trying to see things in a less direct way. I have seven years of experience as a commercial photographer and film director, but I decided to move away from the commercial style of photography. I used this time away to consider all the variables and elements of my practise from a sociological or anthropological perspective. Like a mirror, my camera demonstrates how the democratic nature of photography can be used to visualise social issues, provoke dialogue and shift assumptions. My photographs are meant to be read and evaluated; they are full of symbolic meaning. If visual elements suggest one thing but represent another, what constitutes a complex story? In my work I combine lived experience with visual research methods to explore the hidden meanings of images; I want my images to not only transcend the boundaries of photography but also emulate painting and different types of art by experimenting with digital techniques such as 3D scanning, collage and 3D printing. I also enrich my artworks beyond photography by practising laser cutting to sculpt on various materials. My approach is more akin to another language as it provides a realistic measure and explanation of the complexity of social life. In my future practice, I will not only go beyond photography but also produce multimedia integrated art assembled into installations that will take my research direction deeper into anthropology and sociology. I will discuss in greater depth the relationships between people in society and explore the impact of politics on human development, all of which will be reflected in my work.