This is a work in progress.

Concept: the link between humans and nature.

I am always learning new things about nature. Whilst making spore prints with mushrooms, I felt that they were similar to our fingerprints. Each spore print is unique, just like our fingerprints.

MANUAL OF FISHERIES SCIENCE Part 2 - Methods of Resource Investigation and  their Application
rings in otoliths, similar to tree stumps

As I thought about this more, I discovered further similarities. Like that of tree rings and otoliths (the inner ear bones of fish). Each ring in a tree stump represents a year of that trees life; which is the same with rings in a otolith:

Top: mushroom spore print, my thumb print. Bottom: tree stump, fossilised whale otolith.

I wanted to create something that showed these similarities, and so framed examples. If I were to place this into a gallery setting I would provide information on what each example is. It would be like a museum/science exhibition, educational as well as visually pleasing. I want to reveal to others the connections that happen in my mind when I am learning about nature and how closely our lives are intwined.

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