Presentation for exhibition

I have been greatly considering how to present my bronze sculptures for gallery exhibition.

Following my tutorial with Julie Bacon, one of the possibilities we discussed was accompanying audio/moving image.

I have been deeply considering my practice and what it means to me. Nature has always been a huge part of my life, and is nearly always the inspiration for my artistic endeavours. The act of walking, exploring and taking in natural surroundings is my greatest comfort. I find being outdoors therapeutic and calming.

Considering this, I would like to portray this more through my work.

I want to enable the viewer to feel how I feel when in nature. I want them to appreciate it and take notice of it, and see it through my eyes.

With this in mind, I set out to take some recordings in some of my favoured nature spots. I also took along a camera, as usual, to document my time spent there. Even filming different aspects, such as my feet walking through the forest and along the beach. My shadow through the trees, my hands touching the different moss and lichens. I want to create a visual aid with a sensory vibe. Encouraging viewers to interact with their surroundings and with nature, but with a respectful level.

I would like to introduce the audio aspect with my Embassy gallery entry, pairing it some of my bronze mushroom sculptures. I want it to become an interactive piece, offering a respite from the outside world where the viewer can sit and listen to nature and take a sculpture to hold and feel. I want to create a tiny relaxing slither of nature within a busy gallery showing. Nature is my escape from the business of life, and so I want the viewer to escape when immersing themselves with my work.


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