Ideas for Semester Two

Preliminary ideas to work on throughout semester 2/3:

  • Pencil illustrations, explore the link of mushrooms and female anxiety/suffering. Try and introduce colour to work with it more
  • Paintings/pastel drawings of detailed parts of mushrooms, explore the colours and textures. Explore the relation/similarities to genitalia
  • Create textural collages of the tiny worlds of fungi/moulds/lichen
  • Explore mushroom prints, onto photographic film or drawings
  • Make more models in 3D printing, clay, paper
  • Explore the idea of growing mould/mushrooms on books or figures/photographs
  • Explore the theme of networks, roots, growth
  • Explore the idea of making mackets/dioramas of murder scenes or related areas to depict the relation of mushroom growth and murders

Personal Goals:

  • Try working with colour more
  • Explore the abstract side of my work
  • Try new mediums and styles: pastels, thick paints and making marks
  • Do not other think or plan, try your ideas out as they come!!

Artists to explore:

  • Li Hongbo
  • Georgia O’Keeffe
  • Horst Kiechle
  • Lee Ellis

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