I attended the seminar about unlearning (crosstalk) on Tuesday, 12th October 2021. Neil and Jake conducted this workshop. They lead us to research the teaching practice of the learning module on ‘open and modding’. The content of this lesson was beneficial to me because we were able to share, re-adapt usage and remix the structure of the art curriculum. Although, my first encounter with ‘mod’ curriculum materials, the more my peers worked together to adapt and remix the art curriculum, the more meaningful it became.

First, we sort out the traditional art teaching model. This process is easy for us to do. Secondly, we began to think outside the box and create a new teaching model called ‘unlearn’. This was very difficult for me because everything was new in this way of thinking about teaching. It took us more than half a year to rebuild the art teaching model. I think the structure makes sense because we drew on open teaching practice and the knowledge of the artist’s toolkit. We almost did it; I remember ‘OER’, P2P, Art assignment and Artist toolkits, which were resources to guide us through the task.

I believe I can learn two things from this. On the one hand, the traditional model of teaching things in a linear structure. It shows that we can change it in the context of contemporary art. Secondly, ‘unlearning’ and ‘undo’ gave me a new perspective to explore open learning structure, so we created a new spiral art learning model. This will make me look forward to new models of art teaching.