In this week I have considered how to invite ‘learners’ to participate in my practice. Also how they can co-create the practice with the ‘learners’. I found myself questioning the engagement and effectiveness of my ‘Inhabiting practice’ art toolkit ‘I Doodle, You Guess’ as I had encountered questions during the previous week’s research and feedback session about how peers could be involved in my art tasks. What is the purpose of learner engagement in your art task? What does it bring to the table? I realized that my art task needed to be explained to them through ‘routes of practice flow’ internalized and externalized as practice. This led me to read the ‘SECI Model for De/Coding Tacit Knowledges.’ For example, to share effectively with group members we need to find ways of ‘decoding’ this tacit knowledge. This requires a degree of self-awareness and, most importantly, a full awareness of what the receiving end of my artistic task looks like. In addition, I have read ‘Decoding the Disciplines’ (DtD) (Middendorf and Pace 2004). I tend to articulate the practice of group members in a variety of contexts. However, I have to take on multiple roles and recognize the perceived value of artistic tasks within the team. As a result, there becomes a closer relationship between my artistic tasks and the learners. This is in fact the case, and by linking the process of art task ideas to active reflection, I allow group members to better understand the implicit and tacit values.

In addition, through this reflection, I realized that I currently need to reflect on the Reflection Toolkit and then challenge and revise my toolkit and I would like to focus on the effectiveness of my toolkit in practice. I was making our group aware of how the toolkit is presented in the art task. As a result, it may influence my decisions, actions, attitudes and understanding of myself.

In recognizing these issues, I have discovered my art tasks’ effectiveness, engagement, and pedagogical implications. I am now planning peer learning strategies and practicing recoding methods. Incorporating one-to-one peer feedback based on the results of my group discussions the previous week, previous experiences and motivations, and then, through their clear feedback on my art tasks, I will further revise my toolkit.