Wednesday’s classwork, Jake led the session, and we all went back to Blue Basho, where I remembered that we presented our kits last week. In this session, we had a timed walkthrough. I was confident because I had rehearsed it and, knowing that I was well prepared, I had a response plan. So, as I started, I took three minutes to get my preparation done, and I realized that 15 minutes was the right amount of time. And I started my instructions clearly. Also, I had envisaged the conditions and facilities of the venue at ESW, so I thought I could work at any venue.

This exercise also helped me to think about how to show my symbol pictures to everyone at the beginning. I had thought about letting people understand the symbols independently, but I thought I would give myself 2 minutes to explain them, and I realized that they would stimulate everyone’s imagination. In addition to this, I had pens, dice and paper. I sensed that the materials were not capturing their curiosity. I wanted to see the game session that followed, and I thought the best part was the two parts that consisted of each person moving clockwise to draw and write down the keywords at the end. I saw the amazing squeals and laughter that came out of them. I have recorded their reactions and opinions. I realized that I should summarise my idea for the game so that I am more articulate, assuming I know what I want to say but can’t say it. So I don’t want them to have a lost look on their faces.