week 7 | Tutorial with Amber Watters from Four by Two/ Further design development

Amber has introduced one of their design project for Edinburgh Gin to us. They chose the D-listed arch building as the site for designing Edinburgh Gin Center.

She mentioned that when working with the arch building, they preserve and expose the brick to celebrate it. Adding new construction to the old building is challenging, but modern industrial design goes very well with the industrial arches. Ambe said that it is perfectly fine being in the new design to an old building instead of forcing the design to look “old”. The point of using the old building is to bring in new life and for the building to serve a new purpose.

After the tutorial with Amber, I am more sure of my design style and direction.


  • Lighting plays a big part in establishing a certain atmosphere and mood.
  • A signage system can also help define a space and create consistency throughout the building.
  • In the design for Edinburgh Gin, the design team takes inspiration from the gin’s taste, color, and ingredients. They came up with a brilliant color palette and material choice.

Their design decision reflects the brand ethos and establishes functional spaces and exciting interior aesthetics.

  • The narrative is what Amber mentioned several times. As a designer, we should present the design as a storybook for our clients and users. How does each space connect coherently, and how do the aesthetics echo and differ from each other. I will focus more on the design coherence and circulation and clarify the function space of my design.
  • When it comes to material choice, always check the specification of the material, see if they are fire rated and if they can be used for your design setting, and so on. Do more research from the manufacturer and so on.

Week 7 | Colour work shop and FF&E ( Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment)

– Material choice –










I aim to achieve an industrial ruin-style interior design.

As for material choice, I want to expose the red stone brick walls of the building. To preserve the original structure and material of the building and also establish an interior industrial space, I explored various standard materials that go well with the red stone brick wall. I thought of using concrete for the bar area, non-reflective and adds an outdoor and industrial vibe to the space. Inspired by several ruins bars in Budapest. I also thought about painting part of the brick wall in a lighter color or white wall paint to cover up part of the brick wall to establish a “ruins” vibe.

For color choice, I want to adapt furniture or metal structures with vibrant colors in the space to provide warmth to the interior space. I also consider using neon lights for signs and wayfinding systems.

I want to use primary colors, like red, yellow, and blue, as my primary color choice. I want to use retro color pallets that are less saturated and less bright for furniture. They can create an old and vintage feel to the space, which would be the perfect choice for the color of the furniture and structures. Using primary colors to contrast the earth, concrete tone-based building structures can add more vibrance to the space.


– Colour choice –




– Case Studies –




Studio BUCK designed the Wroclaw dinner in Polan with a rich look-book of 1970s Americana, particularly its moody Broadway set designs and street life.

 Biggy’s psychedelic pop art flash is such a contrast to the medieval classicism of Rynek market square just outside. Steel mesh screens in shades of electric pink, red and blue demarcate zones, separating a sit-down section from counter seats lined with geometric tripod stools. – (2022)

Adapting electric color for the interior structure can contrast with the original traditional railway arch building. Using color to separate the zone.




JiuJiu Cafe is an industrial ruin themes coffee shop. It is designed with exposed red brick walls, embossed wall paint, concrete flooring, a black steel frame, and a concrete installation wall. Designers use modern furniture design and choose warm colors for the furniture, wood color, and different scale of brown colors. They bring warmth to the space and unify with the overall industrial design. Address: No. C24, Jinying Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City

– Pattern workshop –


– Kvadrat Textile Workshop –


Week 6 | BIM & Drawing Management ( 4B )

(Image from ArchDaily What is BIM and Why Does it Seem to be Fundamental in the Current Architectural Design? | ArchDaily )

BIM- Building Information Modeling

While CAD creates 2- or 3-dimensional drawings that don’t distinguish between their elements, BIM incorporates 4-D (time) and 5-D (costs). This allows users to manage information intelligently throughout the life cycle of a project, automating processes such as programming, conceptual design, detailed design, analysis, documentation, manufacturing, construction logistics, operation and maintenance, renovation and/or demolition. – José Tomás Franco



Here are the listed drawing I managed during the class. However, I still have many questions about naming the drawings.

Week 6 | Material Development (4A)

( Image by Dream ai,Dream by WOMBO)

My project aims to create a comfortable and inclusive space for people. I have been working on design ideas that adapt to the original building. Red victorian stone gives off a warm industrial feeling. I won’t include that in my design instead of trying to cover it up. I used AI software to test a few ideas, brick walls with wooden floors, soft materials, metal structures, and graffiti.  I want to create a warm, inclusive, and calming space for the users by using a different scale of white and brown colors calm color palette, to establish a warm interior space where people can feel at home.



( Image from Pinterest )

Second idea :

I am also considering painting the brick wall white and using comic graffiti murals on all the brick walls of the sports areas to connect them all. As if they are also part of the story as well. These walls can be used for local graffiti artists to present their work related to mental health problems. Image or text, tapestry. Words have the power to influence individuals; using words or text in the space, It can establish a sincere environment and direct people to open up to each other. Turn the surface of the building into exhibition walls.


( Image by Dream ai Dream by WOMBO)

Then I consider using different color ramps and paints for the wall to create a more colorful and vibrant space. Using color can make the area less intimidating and encourage users’ engagement with the room.

Inspired by the skate park designed by Yinka llori, she applied her unique color design strategies to the skatepark. Bright colors with pastel hues add characters to the space and also convert the space into a more friendly, creative, and engaging space for beginners.

( image from Dezeen Magazine Yinka Ilori creates “joy and excitement” with colourful skate park in Lille (dezeen.com))

Week 5 | 1:1 Tutorial +Conservational report

Week 4 | Material research + Structural engineer tutorial (4A & 4B)

Week 3 | Conservation report and Material/ Define Major Space

Week 2 | Personal Tutorial – case studies

Week 1 | Pitch one event

– Theme –

There are different communities within street cultures, and every community has its own stories. The ethos of this design is to collect stories from different street culture communities and present them like a storybook. The building plays a role as a platform for people to write their own stories. Meanwhile, the design serves as a tool for presenting street culture to the world.


– Brief –

A social hub, a mixed-use creative venue that involves different activities related to street culture, provides a platform for people to participate in Street culture. My target users are the people who are already a part of the street culture or who are interested in the street culture, most are young adults aged between 18 – 25. Through supporting street culture, the project aims to achieve improved physical and mental health of the users through physical exercise and community engagement, reduced crime and problematic behavior, improved awareness of mental health problems, and increased opportunities for young adults. The Project has 3 different parts, art, music, and sports. They address several street-culture-related communities, skateboarding, roller skating, parkouring, graffiti, DJ, Bands, workshops, and so on.


– Sustainability Goal –

By providing activities space and a safe environment as coping mechanisms for mental health problems, this project can help with improving one’s physical fitness and helping with one’s mindful strength. The project aims to create a safe space for the users, regardless of gender or occupation. The main purpose of the project is to spread awareness of mental health problems and increase understanding and acceptance among people in order to establish connections based on mutual respect and understanding, which then can lead to creating a peaceful society and eliminate sexism, racism, bias towards mental illness and so on. GOAL 3/4/5/9/10/16


– Ground Floor –

  1. Art Gallery 2. Public WC 3. Coffee Shop 4. Open Seating Area 5. Skateboarding Area 6.Reception 7.  Roller Skate Area 8. Climbing Area 9. Changing Room 10.Parkour Area

– First Floor –

1. Art Gallery 2.Open Seating Area 3. WC 4. Billiard Room 5.Social Area 6. Private Social Area 7. Reading/ Laying down area



– Roof –

1. Office 2.Semi-open seating area


– Further Development –

  • In the next step, I will focus on testing different spacial strategies and deciding material choices. – break walls, space inside a space, have an outdoor area or not, and so on.
  • Do more research about the size of the space that’s needed for each activity. – online research and case studies, and visit these sites in person and measure and take photos.
  • One of my biggest problems at the moment is that I haven’t decided if I should establish a warm wooden-based environment that focuses on providing a safe space and practice space for people. Or design an interior that uses metal, concrete, and neon lights to reflect street culture, its diversity, vibrant, trippy even. Maybe add in some vintage elements as well.

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