THE HARLOW MAP   In February 2019, I began researching for my dissertation about Harlow’s sculptures as conduits of memory, place-making, and urban subversion of traditional cartographic methods. As the research process took me down multiple dead ends, figuratively and physically, I ended up deciding to incorporate myself into the research experience, demarcating the ephemeral […]


Sexing The Field

Sexing the Field: A note on intersectional ecofeminism in geographical fieldwork. PREFACE before things get juicy:This is an essay I wrote in November 2018. Looking back it has nowhere near the level of critique I now hold for geographical undertakings of ecofeminism. It does however hold true that intersectionality in geographical fieldwork RE climate change […]

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How To Hear Ghosts

Soundwalk for Zine: Press Play How To Hear Ghosts was the product of a 4th year course assignment: to produce a Zine explaining the everyday city of Edinburgh. An open ended task, I decided to hand draw my small A3 8-page zine by following an audio field recording of Edinburgh’s Haymarket area in the West […]

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Don’t Forget your Pleases and Thankyous

Don’t Forget your Pleases and Thankyous The home-assistance technology industry has exported its complex softwares and programmed human-isms into our domestic homes. Apple’s ‘Siri’, Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ and ‘OK Google’, pose a new challenge to how my body tunes into space as they blur the categorisations between subject and object in everyday life. Attunement is widely […]

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Entrée: Freshly caught Climate Change

Entrée: Freshly caught climate change The chemical composition of our atmosphere is changing with relentless haste. An infallible truth which millennials and GenZ have little issue accepting (just consider the recent Youth Climate Strike).  So how does the incoming generation consume Earth’s foods?  Taking a position of feminist post-humanism (as influenced by Alaimo, 2010 and Haraway, […]

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Shore Scene Soundtrack

Shore Scene Soundtrack: painting memory through sound Artist Cevdet Erek launched the 2012 Shore Scene Soundtrack (SSS): an interactive project creating the ocean’s sound through specific hand movements on carpeted material (Figure 1). The act of creating the soundtrack of the sea turned an experience of hearing into an act of remembering, a feeling of a […]

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Seeing (with) Blackford Hill

Seeing (with) Blackford Hill Drawing, not as a two-dimensional bounded object, but as a process, is a contemporary iteration of attunement with seeing space. Blackford Hill’s Nature Reserve provides a unique opportunity to draw with and not for non-human agents.  Figure 1: Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831 John Constable 1776-1837. (image: Tate) ‘Landscape’ often […]

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Being Woman: A perfume Genealogy

Being Woman: A Perfume Genealogy Upon reading Patrick Süskind’s (1985) Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, the visceral nature of scent as a feature of my being became apparent. As a cisgenderd white woman, I reflected on how I actively or passively, create my olfactory identity as a woman.  Süskind’s grand indulgence into scent and […]

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Feeling ill

Feeling ill: Haptic healing architecture In 1928 Alvar Aalto designed Finland’s Tuberculosis Sanatorium, using symptoms of TB patients to guide design which responded to sensitivity of touch, light and limited mobility.  It is exemplar of the intimate power of  architectures to ‘heal’ our ailments, of which the Western visual bias is one. I have analysed my […]

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