About us

Research Bow was launched in 2019 with the vision to create a platform to share advice, experiences and news with our community of postgraduate research (PGR) students in the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh. Since then, Research Bow has experienced steady growth with the help of a core editorial PGR team and lots of engaging contributors across the School.

We are a truly diverse community, not only in terms of research interests and academic backgrounds but also of experiences, cultures, views and lifestyles–a situation that sometimes makes it harder to see what is the link between all of us… 

Research Bow is an initiative to make our PGR community links stronger, by sharing and learning from each other’s academic-related experiences, insights and tips!

Research Bow acknowledges how PGR degrees are not a smooth, linear journey and through our weekly blog posts we want to inspire you in your PhD journey, reminding you to celebrate your small wins, and sharing information, tips and advice related to PhD life.


Some exciting news to share!

We are super excited to announce that in January 2021 Research Bow was awarded a Student Experience Grant to support our growth and help us organise a series of creative and interactive workshops. Just to give you a hint, our workshops will help you to…

More information coming soon!



Would you like to get involved?

We are always looking for more contributors, and why not, also editors! We would love to hear your ideas, questions, experiences, tips and advices! Please get in touch at our email research.bow@ed.ac.uk or via Twitter @ResearchBow.

If you are interested to write a blog for Research Bow, take a look at our format and content guidelines here: Research Bow format guidelines.

Please note that this blog is coordinated by PGR students but it is endorsed by the School of Health in Social Science. All submitted posts are reviewed by staff in the School to ensure they meet the terms of use outlined in the above document. We may also edit posts for spelling, grammar, and formatting, however, any suggested changes to your post will be sent back to you for approval before posting.

The opinions expressed by blog post authors and interviewees do not reflect those of the School of Health in Social Science or The University of Edinburgh and are the authors’ and interviewees’ own.