Task: There is one task for the group: to present your group to the wider ONL community in any way you like – a presentation (Google slides, PowerPoint, Prezi, Sway…), a Padlet, a video or whatever you can think of…
I have a suggestion based on something I have ran with my new students in the past. It’s an early crowdsourced project created by the artists Miranda July and Harrel Fletcher called Learning to Love you More. http://learningtoloveyoumore.com/
There were lots of assignments (prompts that participants would respond to by posting to the website). The one I think we could all do is this one:
Assignment #18: Re-create a poster you had as a teenager.
We could each do this, post the results and work them into a online exhibition format (e.g. in Google Photos).
Q. Why this particular assignment? A. It gives some great insight into who we are (outside of our professions). Each poster is a good talking point for each poster-maker. It’s also grounded in something we are/were passionate about – that’s always a good icebreaker.