signature deathbed line
turning it in, to sharpen and hide
efficient setting powder run cryin’
smouldering bone-brush, Gyeah
wisp of translucent powder
atop, transparent puffy rituals
a dry symbol exfoliates a wet word
(…let me up)
smoky multitasking gaze
strokes, resists gold metallic mist
fine-tuned, monstrous dewy glow
more than gravity will pull a crisp edge
embossed lead capsule sweep hairs
pop like it should
(…in a car full of keys)
leave a shell without a shell
flighty & frivolous
staple the iris, ignite the hooded neck
plane and smudge, define an earlobe shadow
ain’t gonna wash a little raw tone
only cuz salt absorbs oft-broke noses
(…’fraid of a bad 🎲)
base meow accentuate
made nude pencil forever
glow data for free
thin light, jump in as it is
glistening pearly-cream citation
clumpy luminosity = actual fragrant depths
optical crease-free blend-wand
serious shimmery sunset
FINAL unifying deep blue-purple glaze
of swollen water-soluble habits
got it down so I can paint it all

The Confraternity of Neoflagellants La Confrérie de Neoflagellants [(c)krs] #été MMXXII Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license MMXXII