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GeoResources: Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Capture and Storage provides a mechanism for dealing with large point source CO2 emissions that need to be reduced by capturing the CO2 stream and storing it in geological formations. We know that the principle can work because CO2 is already stored in the subsurface naturally, in much the same way as natural gas is stored. Whilst we are being effective at transitioning towards renewable energy sources, it seems likely that some industries such as steel and cement production, will find this harder. My research interests focussed on how we can understand the fate of CO2 when injected into the subsurface, testing some of the impacts of a leak of CO2 on the sea floor environment,  exploring some of the engineering considerations with regard to well design and how we can deal with uncertainty. Whilst I published on this area for around a decade, it is no longer a primary focus for my research.

Close Collaborators

Prof Stuart Haszeldine

Dr Mark Wilkinson

Dr Jen Roberts

Dr Neil Burnside

Dr Rami Eid


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