Announcing our forthcoming book: A Manifesto for Teaching Online. MIT Press, 2020

We’re excited to announce that a book that expands on the statements in the Manifesto for Teaching Online will be published by MIT Press in 2020. The authors (Siân Bayne, Peter Evans, Rory Ewins, Jeremy Knox, James Lamb, Hamish Macleod, Clara O’Shea, Jen Ross, Phil Sheail, Christine Sinclair) are in the process of revising now, and by the end of the summer we will have the completed manuscript to the publisher.

The book will be the outcome of more than a decade of research and practice in the field of digital education, with a strongly critical and research-informed position on the field of online teaching in higher education. It combines the voices of a large team of active teachers and researchers who have been pushing at the boundaries of our understanding of digital education policy, practice and research. It is drawing together the large body of interdisciplinary research which we believe should be informing this field, incorporating critical technology studies, digital sociology, psychology and philosophy, as well as higher education theory and policy.

The process has been a rich and engaging one – as with the writing of the manifesto itself, writing this book has provoked us, made visible areas of agreement and disagreement, and helped us better understand the shape and scope of our research and teaching in the field of online education. We hope that it will do the same for our readers!

We’ll post more as the book’s publication date gets closer.

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