The 2022 University of Edinburgh Learning and Teaching Conference brought together staff and students to celebrate and share good practice and innovation in learning and teaching around the theme:

‘Shaping our Futures’.

Please find links below to the Conference recordings and resources, which enable continued engagement with ideas and insights shared during the Conference.

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Day 2 (Online) Recordings

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Day 3 (Online) Recordings

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Conference Posters

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Bayes Education – University-wide data skills teaching in practice. (Teresa Ironside)

The changing face of our virtual learning environment: Making Learn more usable, accessible, and inclusive. (Stuart Nicol)

Can Interreligious Education in the form of ‘Study of Religions’ Course Change the Perspective of IRE Study Programme Students to be more inclusive towards other religions? (Ahmad Hakam)

Using principles of Universal Design for Learning when introducing new learning opportunities, for a diverse and inclusive MSc programme. (Sarah Greenwood)

Dissertation Buddies: Co-creation of a peer support system for PGT students to support academic development, social engagement and wellbeing during the dissertation phase. (Julie Smith)

Student interactions in a fusion course: Negotiating Fusion-Pairs, Ghost Helper, and Micro-Interactions. (Pawel Orzechowski)

Interdisciplinary postgraduate student-led electronic Journal Club to develop key graduate attributes. (Richard Smith)

Multidisciplinary English for Academic Purposes (EAP). (Meg Maclean)

STEM and Sustainability (STEMS) Project for Students Aged 15 – 18. (Hui-Chuan Li)

Studying a Masters during the pandemic: PGT international students’ experiences working in groups. (Giulia Pinton)

From data skills to digital images: Imagining interdisciplinary student dissertation research skills in LibSmart II. (Christine Love-Rodgers)

Recognising learning and increasing employability with Digital Badges. (Nikki Stuart)

Experiential learning in the online space: the virtual sport science lab. (Martine Verheul)

Teaching data in a University Transition Project to Final Year secondary school students. (Kay Douglas, Alice Smith & Peter Tormey)