Title: Bayes Education – University-wide data skills teaching in practice (online only)

Author: Fraser Pullar

Theme: Teaching data skills, data ethics and AI

This poster outlines the interdisciplinary teaching data skills teaching across the Bayes Education portfolio including learning outcomes from the past 6 years of delivering the flexible online learning programme Data Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) which includes contributions from all three UoE Colleges (11 Schools/Deaneries participating). It outlines the growth over the years and barriers it has overcome to ensure a positive and enriching student experience.

It outlines the ways in which this has benefited students and enabled working professionals to upskill and put learning directly into practice in their workplace using case studies and testimonials from students (names to be confirmed) both within the UK and internationally.

It also explores the ways in which this programme enabled the Bayes Centre to once again work with colleagues across the University to develop and deliver the Data Skills Workforce Development programme offering short courses to the workforce and those unemployed looking to upskill or reskill in the area of data skills – addressing growing market demand in addition to ensuring we stay in line with government funding initiatives for skills training. It outlines the benefits of shared content across undergraduate, postgraduate, and continued professional development courses to maximise training for students in all areas in relation to data skills.