Thursday 16 June | Day 3

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Parallel Sessions 09:00-10:00


The Staff Enhancement of the Authentic Learning Experience (SEAL) approach in Postgraduate Online Education – An example from Maternal Critical Care (David Griffith, Arlene Wise, Paula Smith, Olga Paterson, Graham Nimmo, Alasdair Hay, Gilly Fleming, Tom Craven, Megan Jadzinski, Brenda Duncan, Lindsay Rutherford) [Paper]

Do you really belong? Understanding the BaME award gap at Edinburgh University (Mohini Gray) [Paper]

Parallel Sessions 10:15-11:15


A reading group connecting students and professionals in practice (Lindsay Jack & Amy Lawton) [Paper]

Mapping Curricular and Extra-Curricular Doctoral Enterprise Education (Fumi Kitagawa, Teodora Handrea, Max Chan and Christina Starko) [Panel]


How do students define curriculum and their role in the curriculum? (Catherine Bovill, Ian Glen, One Pusumane and Emma Taylor) [Paper]

Lesson Study: Shaping our professional learning futures? (Paul McMillan, Mike Jess & Rosie Mulholland) [Paper]


A quiet, unnoticed form of gentle solidarity (Neil Speirs, Ceilidh Alexander, Eleanor Arrowsmith, Darcey Spenner, Dawn Lawson, Aoife Leong, Erin Brown & Gabriele Negro) [Paper]

The ‘mode 3’ university: Is this our future? (Sian Bayne) [Paper]


Digital Accessibility for Higher Education Students with Vision Impairments (Aurora Constantin, Cristina Alexandru & Changchun Li) [Short talk]

How to monitor Differential Attainment and act on your findings (David Hope, Alan Jaap & Donna Quinn) [Short talk]

Changing the face of medical school admissions (Lorna Marson & Ellen Small) [Short talk]

Top 10 of Online Accessibility (Niki Pryde & Viki Galt) [Short talk]

Parallel Sessions 11:30-12:30


Co-creating a student development pathway within the student/alumni/staff network UNCOVER (Neneh Rowa-Dewar, Ashmika Motee, Marshall Dozier, Damilola Iduye, Ruth McQuillan, Evropi Theodoratou, Thulani Ashcroft, Jasmin Rostron, Kayla Ostrishko & Emilie McSwiggan) [Panel]

Designing and developing an online PGT curriculum in partnership with students (Mairead Lesley Bermingham, Michelle Evans, Magdelena Mazurczak, Michelle Hart, Chris Sheridan, Nazir Lone, Neneh Rowa-Dewar & Sharon Levy) [Paper]


The Class That Kept Falling Asleep – or How Data Skills Can Keep You Awake (Jo Spiller, Judy Robertson & Tommy Lawson) [Storytelling]

Learning and teaching data skills: Non-expert perspectives and experiences (Aileen Jordan & Danielle Marlow) [Storytelling]

Parallel Sessions 14:00-15:00


Fundamentals of Music Theory: Co-creating sustainable open textbooks for music education (Lorna Campbell, Nicky Moran, Ifeanyichukwu Ezinmadu, Ana Reina Garcia & Rebecca Wojturska) [Paper]

Expanding the pedagogical space: Co-design and participation in an online postgraduate course (Gill Aitken, Tim Fawns, Kanastana Yasotharan & Yathu Maheswaran) [Paper]

Parallel Sessions 15:15-16:00