Wellbeing across the Academic Community

Host: Mark Hoelterhoff (Lecturer in Clinical Psychology)

Panellists: Deborah Holt (Lecturer in Health and Well-being and mental health promotion), Ruthanne Baxter (Museum Services Manager), Dennis Relojo-Howell (PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology and founder of Psychreg), and Davies Banda (Director of Teaching and Learning, Moray House School of Education and Sport).

Location: Meadows Lecture Theatre

During the pandemic, educators have become increasingly aware there have been rising issues of mental illness for both students and staff. Sometimes the focus in these discussions is on ‘what is going wrong’ but this panel discussion is designed to address real examples of what is going ‘right’ across the academic community. Please join us as we discuss examples of best practise and explore ways of overcoming barriers to the promotion of well-being among staff and students.