Research Grants

This lists research grants, research associates and postdoctoral fellows employed under the grants, principal investigators (in Edinburgh unless otherwise stated), and award amount (amount to Edinburgh in bold).

Previous Major Funding Council Awards

2007-2012 ‘Understanding and Modelling Complexity’, three 5-year RCUK Fellowships, co-ordinated by Prof. Graeme Ackland (School of Physics) £350,000.
2006-2010 ‘Edinburgh Collaborative of Subsurface Science and Engineering’ (ECOSSE), a Joint Research Institute of the Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering and Mathematics, co-ordinated by Prof. Peter Grant (School of Engineering) and Denis Hall (Heriot-Watt University), with Prof. Patrick Corbett (Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University), Scottish Funding Council Research Pooling award, £1,900,000 (£950,000). This predominantly supported the first 4 years of 4 new academic posts at Edinburgh and 4 at Heriot-Watt.

Current Research Grants

2023-2026 ‘On the edge?’, with Drs. Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, Maria-Daphne Mangriotis, Ian Butler, Florian Fusseis, and Prof. Andrew Curtis. NERC ‘Pushing the frontiers’ grant no. NE/X014541/1. £1,016,211.
2019-2024 ‘UKRI GCRF Multi-Hazard Urban Disaster Risk Transitions Hub’, led by Prof. J. McCloskey, co-I as head of the Hazards Research College, UKRI grant NE/S009000/1, £17,657,278.
2019-2023 ‘earthquake RIsk reduction for a reSilient Europe (RISE)’, led by Prof. Stefan Wiewer, ETH Zurich, co-I as WP2 lead for the project, EU Horizon 2020 grant, €7.9M (€520, 000).

Previous Research Grants

2017-2021 ‘Catastrophic Failure: what controls precursory damage localisation in rocks’ (CATFAIL), PI Ian Main, Researcher co-I Alexis Cartwright-Taylor, Co-I’s Andrew Bell, Ian Butler, Andrew Curtis, Florian Fusseis. This grant will allow us to control and image the processes that lead up to catastrophic failure of rock samples in near-real time, using high-resolution C-T scanning at the Diamond synchrotron facility, NERC Grant NE/R001693/1, £624,884.59.
2018-2020 ‘‘The central Apennines Earthquake cascade – under a new microscope’, led by Dr. M. Segou (BGS), also with Stanford University, co-I, with Dr M. Naylor and Prof J. Mcloskey, NERC-NSF grant NE/R000794/1, £640,000 (£161,243).
2016-2019 Emily Kawabata and Youbing Zhang ‘Probability and Uncertainty in Risk Estimation and Communication’ (PUREC), NERC grant NE/N012267/1, as part of the Newton fund programme ‘Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards in Earthquake Prone Regions in China (IRNHiC) a UK-China collaboration’, jointly PI with Prof. Xiaofei Chen of Peking University, China. The programme is also funded by NERC, ESRC, and the National Science Foundation of China. Co-PIs in the UK are Dr Richard Chandler (UCL), Dr David Demeritt (Kings College London), Mark Naylor (University of Edinburgh) and Susanne Sargeant (British Geological Survey), £500,000 to UK partners, Y3,000,000 to Chinese partners (£202,857)
2015-2019 Alexis Cartwright-Taylor ‘Four Dimensional (time lapse) Rock Physics’ (4DRP), with Drs. F. Fusseis, I. Butler, M. Chapman and Prof. A. Curtis, funded as part of Phase II of the International Centre for Carbonate Reservoirs, £445,000.
2015-2019 ‘Rift volcanism: past, present, future’ RIFTVOLC, a large NERC consortium grant led by Prof. K.Whaler, £2,726,686 (£696,108) .
2017-2018 ‘Prospective aftershock forecasting of the Norcia 2016 earthquake sequence, Central Appenines, Italy’, led by Dr. M. Segou (British Geological Survey), with Prof. J. McCloskey and Dr. M. Naylor (University of Edinburgh), NERC Urgency grant NE/P016626/1, £51,994 (£26,440.00)
2017-2018 ‘Road Defect Prediction System’, with Road Intelligence Ltd and Dr Rob Baxter (EPCC), funded by the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, with in-kind contribution from Road Intelligence Ltd, £28,802.
2016-2017 ‘Research for Emergency Aftershock Response’ (GCRF-REAR), led by Mark Naylor, NERC GCRF grant NE/P015840/1, £159,123.
2012-2017 Sarah Touati and Emily Kawabata , ‘Robust Assessment and Communication of Environmental Risk’, NERC consortium grant NE/J016438/1, under the Probability and Uncertainty in Risk Estimation (PURE) programme, with Dr M. Naylor and Dr R. Musson (BGS Edinburgh), co-ordinated by Dr. R. Chandler (UCL) £2,483,799 (£385,672).
2009-2014 Nicolas Brantut, ‘Time-dependent deformation: bridging the strain rate gap in brittle rocks’, led by Prof. Philip Meredith (UCL), NERC grant NE/G019061/1, £706,270 (£42,718).
REAKT launch team
2011-2014 Sarah Touati ‘Strategies and tools for Real Time Earthquake Risk Reduction'(REAKT), EU FP7 grant, co-ordinated by Prof. P. Gasparini (Naples, Italy) €6,972,190 (£148,717). Photograph above of participants in the project kick-off meeting in Naples.
2011-2014 Dr Alizera Kazemi, “DynaCARB – Calibrating carbonate geological models with dynamic data”, led by Prof S Geiger (Heriot-Watt University). Funded as part of the £2M International Centre for Carbonate Reservoirs.
2011-2014 Dr Andrew Bell and Dr Rosa Filgueira, ‘Exploring Failure FOrecasting in Real Time (EFFORT): from controlled laboratory tests to volcanoes an earthquakes’, with Prof. M Atkinson, Drs A Bell and B Worton (Edinburgh University), Prof P Meredith and Dr C Kilburn (University College London). NERC Grant NE/H02297X/1, £612,916 (£526,969).
2014-2015 ‘Hydrocarbon reservoir analytics using high-frequency pressure data’, NERC Catalyst grant NE/L008386/1, £44,972.
2013-2014 ‘The Terra-correlator: A computing facility for massive real-time data assimilation in environmental science
‘, NERC Big Data Capital call grant NE/L012979/1, £289,473.
2012-2013 Dr Elias Theocharopouros‘Active reservoir management for improved hydrocarbon recovery‘, NERC follow-on fund grant NE/J006483/1, £146,699.
2011-2013 Dr Sabine Lennartz, ‘Localizing signatures of catastrophic failure (LOCAT) ‘, led by Prof S Zapperi (Milan), with Profs. M Zaiser (Engineering), F Kun (Debrecen, Hungary), and Dr Ian Butler. ERC Complexity-Net pilot call, EPSRC Grant EP/I018492/1, €500,000, (£197,000).
2011 ‘Active reservoir management for improved hydrocarbon recovery‘, NERC follow-on fund pathfinder grant NE/I029846/1, £12,653.
2010 Dr Andrew Bell ‘Identifying Reservoir compartments, with application to enhanced oil recovery and subsurface carbon storage’, RSE/Scottish Government Teaching Support Fellowship, £104,084.
2008-2010 Yusuke Kawada, ‘Investigation of fault dynamics based on constitutive law for nonlinear viscoelastic behaviour of rocks associated with damage
evolutions’, awarded to Dr Kawada, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Mathematical and Physical Science award 20-655, £47,600.
2007-2009 Dr Andrew Bell, ‘European Network of Research Infrastructures in European Seismology’ (NERIES ), specific work programme co-ordinated by Dr Stefan Wiemer (ETH Zurich Rome), EU Framework 6, 120,000 Euro.
2007-2009 Dr John Greenhough, ‘Triggering of Instabilities in Materials and Geosystems ‘ (TRIGS), co-ordinated by Dr Stefano Zapperi (ISC Rome) , with Dr Michael Zaiser (School of Engineering), EU Framework 6, Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) scheme, NEST-2005-PATH-COM-043386, 1,877,189 Euro (239,000 Euro).
2007-2009 ‘Aftershock patterns of the Sumatra-Andaman Islands earthquake of Boxing day 2004’, UKIERI fellowship award to host Dr Abhey Bansal, £11,402.
2006-2008 Dr John Greenhough, ‘Reserves Enhancement via Statistical understanding of flow Rates and Geomechanical Evaluation’ (RESURGE), co-ordinated by Dr Nick Koutsebaloulis (VIPS Ltd.), with Mr Kes Heffer (Reservoir Dynamics Ltd. and Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University) DTI Technology Programme in emerging energy technologies, £432,509 (£61,886).
2004-2008 Dr Mark Naylor, ‘Novel Approaches to Networks of Interacting Autonomes’ (NANIA), co-ordinated by Prof Graeme Ackland (Physics), with Dr Tim Lenton (University of East Anglia), EPSRC Initiative on Comuting for Complexity, Grant GR/T11753/01, £440,057.
2002-2005 Dr Lun Li. ‘Calibration of Faults and Fractures Extracted by flow Rate Correlations’ (COFFERS), Industry Technology Facilitator programme on Complex Reservoirs, with Reservoir Dynamics Ltd., VIPS Ltd. and Earth Decision Sciences (North Sea) Ltd., £493,000.
2004-2005 Dr Nicholas Odling. ‘The real-time diagenesis experiment’, Schlumberger Ltd., with Drs S C Elphick and B T Ngwenya, £7,000.
2001-2004 Dr Sebastien Chastin. ‘Innovation in forecasting volcanic eruptions’ (VOLCALERT). EU fifth framework award EVG-CT-2001-00047, co-ordinated by Dr Chris Kilburn (UCL), 647,884 Euros (£105,868) Click here for 12-minute introductory animation.
1999-2003 Dr Nicholas Odling and Oswald Clint. ‘Scaling properties of fluid flow in fractured rocks’, co-ordinated by Prof P Meredith (University College London) and Drs S C Elphick and B T Ngwenya, NERC grant GST/02/2307, under the Micro-to-macro thematic programme, £159,885 (£31,500).
2000-2003 Dr Nicholas Odling, Dr Salima Baraka-Lokmane and Dr Celine Bruderer. ‘Methods for assessing salt intrusion and transport in heterogeneous and fractured aquifers’, (SALTRANS). EU fifth framework award EVR1-CT-2000-40005, cordinated by Prof B Berkowitz (Rehevot, Israel), with S C Elphick and B T Ngwenya, 1,400,000 Euros (£175,812).
2000-2003 Dr Mireille Huc, Mr Conor McKernon. ‘Faults, fractures and fluids – Gulf of Corinth’, (3F-Corinth), EU Fifth Framework award ENK6-CT-2000-00056, co-ordinated by Dr Isabelle Moretti (Institut Francais de Petrole, Paris), 1,706,000 Euros (£35,293).
2001-2003 Dr Clement Narteau. ‘Fracture mechanisms, from laboratory experiments to long-term crustal processes’, EU Marie Curie Fellowship MCFI-2000-00848, awarded to Dr Narteau under my supervision, 114,072 Euros (£67,101).
2000-2003 Dr Insun Song. ‘Deep geodynamic laboratory – Gulf of Corinth’, (DGLAB-Corinth), EU fifth Framework award EVR1-CT-2000-40005, co-ordinated by Dr Francois Cornet (Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris), with S C Elphick & B T Ngewenya, 1,612,496 Euros (£105,318).
1999-2002 ‘Geometry and mechanics of faulting on Mars’, co-ordinated by Dr R Schultz (University of Nevada), with Dr K Tanaka and Dr H Frey (NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre) and Dr N Dawers, NASA Mars data analysis program grant NRA 98-OSS-06, 4,000.
1999-2002 Dr Nicholas Odling. ‘Self-organisation of fluid flow, chemical reactivity and rock strength in porous reservoir rocks’, NERC ROPA grant GR3/R9822, with Drs S C Elphick and B T Ngwenya, £113,212.
1999-2001 Drs Salima Baraka-Lokmane and Colin Jones. ‘Stress-sensitive relative permeabilities’ (MUSSLE), co-ordinated by Prof B G D Smart (Heriot Watt University), with Drs S C Elphick & B T Ngwenya, EPSRC Link Scheme in Oil & Gas extraction, with industry support from VIPS Ltd, BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil and RML Ltd, grant GR/M62150, £260,000 (£116,441).
1998-2000 Dr Ohmyoung Kwon. ‘Stress and diagenesis as fault sealing mechanisms’ (STADIA), Joint Industry project: BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, Japanese National Oil Corporation, Lasmo, Shell and Statoil, co-ordinated by Dr B T Ngwenya, with Prof B G D Smart and Dr B Crawford (Heriot-Watt University) and Dr S C Elphick, £266,000.
1997-2000 Drs Javier Sabadell, Dr Celine Bruderer and Dr Nicholas Odling. ‘Scale dependence of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in fractured rock’, (SCALFRAC). EU Fourth Framework in Environment and Climate ENV4-CT97-0456, co-ordinated by Dr N Odling (Bergen, Norway), with B Berkowitz (Weitzmann Institute, Rehevot, Israel) and P Davy (Rennes, France), and Drs P A Cowie, S C Elphick, and B T Ngwenya, 770,000 Euros (£139,734).
1997-2000 Dr Mireille Huc. ‘Non-linear dynamics in fluid-rock systems’, NERC CONNECT grant GR3/C0022, with matching funding from BP, with Mr K Heffer (BP), £103,000.
1997-1999 Dr Tony Hamilton. ‘Transmissibility of fault damage zones: a calibrated study’, Teaching Company Directorate (TCD) with 30% funding from Alastair Beach Associates, with Dr S C Elphick, £82,010.
1997-1999 Dr Nicholas Odling. ‘Fluid-rock evolution during diagenesis’, (FRED). Mobil US, with Dr S C Elphick & B T Ngwenya, £128,000.
1996-1998 Dr Fernando Nino. ‘Predicting subseismic faults in sedimentary strata’, BP Exploration, Statoil, Saga Petroleum and the Norwegian Computing Centre under the Norwegian ‘Force’ Programme, co-ordinated by Dr P A Cowie, £100,000.
1996-1998 Dr Helen Rowlands. ‘Calibrating responses of poro-reactive rock’, Marine Technology Directorate, EPSRC and Industry, co-ordinated by Prof A Ziolkowski, with Prof S Crampin and Dr S Zatsepin, £111,680.
1996-1998 Dr Brian Crawford. ‘Simulation of unconsolidated sands’, NERC/OSO LINK scheme with industry support from Statoil, Mobil, VIPS and Geoquest, consortium award with Prof B G D Smart (Heriot-Watt University) and Dr S C Elphick, GR/M7248, £183,000 (£85,400).
1996-1998 Dr Bertrand Maillot. ‘Modelling of the correlation between injection and production rates’, BP Exploration, with Prof S Crampin and Dr S Zatsepin £21,000.
1996-1998 Dr Bertrand Maillot. ‘Coupling of deformation and fluid flow in the Earth’s brittle crust’, EU Training and Mobility in Research Fellowship ERBFMBICT950194, awarded to Dr Maillot under my supervision,£70,172.
1995 ‘Acoustic emission monitoring system for application to fluid-rock interactions and non-destructive testing’, University of Edinburgh Science Faculty special capital equipment allocation, with Prof M Forde and Dr D Ponniah (Civil Engineering) and Dr S C Elphick, £61,000.
1994-1996 Dr Bryne Ngwenya. ‘Oil recovery enhancenment through new awareness of stress-sensitivity and chemical effects’ (RENAISSANCE), funded by the DTI under the NERC/OSO LINK scheme with industry support from BP, Amerada Hess, Statoil, VIPS and Intera, consortium award with Prof B G D Smart (Heriot-Watt University) and Drs G B Shimmield and S C Elphick, £430,000 (£160,000.
1993-1994 Dr Bryne Ngwenya. ‘Core analysis for reservoir engineering’ (CARE), Petroleum Science & Technology Institute core programme, consortium award with Prof B G D Smart (Heriot-Watt University) and Drs G B Shimmield and S C Elphick, £170,000 (£85,000).
1993-1994 Ms Julie Roden. ‘Fluid transport through naturally fractured rock’,EU COMMETT placement 02/93, co-ordinated by Dr N Odling (Bergen Environmental Centre IBM), £10,000.
1992-1995 Drs Jeremy Henderson, Stephen Wilson and Bertrand Maillot. ‘Non-linear dynamics and fractal fracture systems’, BP Exploration and Elf UK, £134,000.
1991 ‘Fluid-rock interaction in fractured, permeable rock’, University Grants Committee capital equipment allocation, with Dr S C Elphick, £57,269.
1990-1993 Dr Bryne Ngwenya. ‘Combined changes in pore-fluid chemistry and stress state on reservoir permeability’, Petroleum Science & Technology Institute core programme, consortium award with Prof B G D Smart (Heriot-Watt University) and Drs G B Shimmield and S C Elphick, £515,000 (£257,500).
1990-1993 Dr Nadia Ligdas. ‘Crust and upper mantle structure of the Aegean from P-wave travel-time residuals’, EU award under Climatology and Natural Hazards Research Programme, co-ordinated by Dr C N Ligdas (Reading University), £36,500.
1987-1990 Dr Peter Sammonds. ‘Elastic and anelastic properties of stressed rock up to and including failure’, NERC award GR3/6812, co-ordinated by Dr P G Meredith (University College London), £76,025.

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