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Postgraduate Studentships

Current Studentships


2024- Birhanmeskel Haddis Woldemichael (ex University of Grenoble/Cassino/Southern Lazio), ‘Effective management of induced seismicity for net zero energy production’ with Alexis Cartwright-Taylor Elma Charalampidou and Nathaniel Forbes-Inskip (all Heriot Watt University), Ian Butler (UoE) and Maria-Daphne Mangriotis (National Oceanic Centre, Southampton). Heriot-Watt University studentship, 2nd supervisor.
2022- Foteini Dervisi (ex University of Thessaloniki/ University of Macedonia), ‘Developing and testing physics based earthquake triggering models’ with Brian Baptie, Margarita Segou (BGS) and Andrew Curtis, EU SPIN training network project, 2nd supervisor.
2022- Wenjin Lu (UCL/LSE) ‘Historical UK Earthquakes’, with Mark Naylor, Finn Lindgren, and Brian Baptie (BGS), ONR-funded project, 1st supervisor.
2021- Dominik Strutz (Munich) ‘Bayesian Experimental Design for Geophysical Applications’, with Andrew Curtis, EU SPIN training network project, 2nd supervisor.
2020- Marthe Faber (Delft) ‘Imaging Earth’s Interior with Seismic Gradiometry, Interferometry & Machine Learning’, with Andrew Curtis, Johan Robertsson (ETH Zurich), Anne Obermann and Cedric Schmelzbach (ETH Zurich), 2nd supervisor.
2020- David Fairweather  (Edinburgh) ‘Using fibre-optic seabed cables as seismometers’, with Andrew Curtis, Giuseppe Marra (National Physical Laboratory), Brian Baptie (BGS Edinburgh), 2nd supervisor.

Previous Studentships


2015-2023 Alyssa Crippen (Boston, MA, US) ‘Understanding patterns of volcano-tectonic seismicity in active continental rifts’, with Andrew Bell (first supervisor) and Andrew Curtis (EU Training Network), 2nd supervisor.
2019-2023 Francesco Serafini (La Sapienza, Rome)  ‘Modelling seismicity as a spatio-temporal point process using inlabru’, with Dr. Mark Naylor and Prof. Finn Lindgren (School of Mathematics), (EU RISE project), 2nd supervisor.
2016-2022 Gina-Maria Geffers (UCL) ‘Operational earthquake forecasting: induced and natural seismicity’, with Dr. Mark Naylor, and Dr. Margarita Segou of the BGS (NERC Doctoral Training Partnership – DTP award), 1st supervisor.
2015-2020 Roseanne Clement (Strathclyde) ‘Earthquake nucleation: small signals from Big Data’, with Dr. Andrew Bell, Prof. Andrew Curtis and Dr. Brian Baptie (BGS) (NERC DTP), 1st supervisor.
2016-2020 Rachel Wilcock (Oxford) ‘Understanding patterns of volcano-tectonic seismicity in active continental rifts’, with Dr. Andrew Bell (NERC RIFTVOLC project), 2nd supervisor.
2015-2019 Jonathan Singh (ex Leicester) ‘Carbonate rock physics in four dimensions’, with Dr. Florian Fusseis, Dr Ian Butler, Dr. M. Chapman & Prof. Andrew Curtis (funded by ICCR), 1st supervisor.
2015-2019 Ashley Smith (UCL) ‘Separating polar ionospheric and lithospheric magnetic signals in satellite data’, with Prof Kathy Whaler, Dr Ciaran Beggan (BGS), (NERC), 2nd supervisor. (NERC)
2015-2018 Zhaoyu Jin (Edinburgh) ‘Use of frequency-dependent amplitude versus offset analysis for reservoir characterization’, with Dr. M. Chapman (University of Edinburgh Principal’s Scholarship), 2nd supervisor.
2014-2018 Kirsty Bayliss (Edinburgh) ‘Earthquake Forecasting: Seismic source zonation and spatio-temporal modelling of earthquakes’, with Dr. M. Naylor and Dr. Janine Illian (St Andrews), (EPSRC quota award), 2nd supervisor.
2012-2016 Nick Roberts (Edinburgh) ‘Growth of faults and fractures at volcanoes: observations and models’, with Dr. A.F. Bell and Prof. Agust Gudmundsson (Royal Holloway), (NERC quota award), 1st supervisor.
2009-2014 Robert Annewandter (Hamburg) ‘Hydromechanical effects during CO2 storage’, with Dr. S. Geiger (Heriot-Watt University), (Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage), 2nd supervisor.
2008-2012 Nicholas Johnson (Edinburgh) ‘Continental rifting to sea-floor spreading – Collection, analysis and visualisation of magnetotelluric data from Afar’, with Prof. K. Whaler, (NERC), 2nd supervisor.
2007-2012 Aniekan (Martin) Ekanem (Leeds) ‘Comparison of seismic physical modelling with numerical modelling of 3D seismic response in fractured media’, with Prof. X.-Y. Li and Dr M. Chapman (BGS), (AKWA IBOM State University of Technology, Nigeria), 2nd supervisor.
2007-2011 Sarah Touati (Edinburgh) ‘Earthquake physics: implications for seismic hazard and earthquake predictability in a complex system’, with Dr M. Naylor & Prof. M. Christie (Heriot-Watt), (EPSRC), 1st supervisor.
2007-2011 Yungui Xu (Daqing Petroleum Institute and University of Petroleum, China) ‘Numerical modelling of wave propagation in fractured media’, with Prof. X.-Y. Li and Dr E.Liu (BGS) (Edinburgh Anisotropy Project). 2nd supervisor.
2005-2010 Caroline Graham (Edinburgh and Leeds) ‘Scale model seismicity: a detailed study of deformation localisation from laboratory acoustic emission data’, with Dr S. Elphick, Prof. M. Forde (School of Engineering) and Prof. G. Dresen (GFZ Potsdam), (NERC), 1st supervisor.
2005-2009 Qian Zhongping (University of Geosciences, China), ‘Processing and interpretation of multi-component data for fracture characterization’, with Drs X.-Y. Li and E. Liu (BGS), (Edinburgh Anisotropy Project), 1st supervisor.
2005-2009 Isabel Varela (Bolivar, Venezuela and Oklahoma, US)’Effects of pressure and saturation on seismic anisotropy’, with Dr E. Liu (BGS), (Edinburgh Anisotropy Project), 1st supervisor.
2002-2006 Dirk-Jan Van Manen (Utrecht). ‘Multicomponent strategy for imaging through a complex near-surface’, with Drs A Curtis, Schlumberger, and X-Y Li, BGS Edinburgh,  (Edinburgh Anisotropy Project), 2nd supervisor.
2003-2006 Lun Li (Lanzhou University, China) ‘Predictive power of correlations between injector and producer wells in oilfields’, with Wyn Williams, (Industry Technology Facilitator programme on Complex Reservoirs), 1st supervisor.
2001-2004 Serafeim Vlastos (Thessaloniki, Greece). ‘Seismic characterisation of fluid flow in fractured reservoirsï¿œ, with Drs E Liu and X-Y Li, BGS Edinburgh, (Edinburgh Anisotropy Project), 2nd supervisor.
1999-2003 Ira Ojala (UCL & Durham). Ph D ‘Time-dependent deformation in sandstones’, with Drs B T Ngwenya & S C Elphick (University of Edinburgh Scholarship), 2nd supervisor.
1999-2003 Fahad Al-Kindy (Durham & Edinburgh). Ph D ‘Statistical mechanics of earthquakes’, with Dr Wyn Williams, (Petroleum Department of Oman), 1st supervisor.
2000-2003 Fabio Mancini (La Sapienza, Rome). ‘Elastic wave imaging in anisotropic media using sea-floor seismic data’, with Prof A Ziolkowski, X-Y Li, BGS Edinburgh, and Dr T Pointer, BG Technology, (NERC Industrial CASE award with BG Technology), 2nd supervisor.
2000-2003 Sabrina Colombo (Milan, Italy). ‘Non-destructive testing and monitoring of concrete bridges using Acoustic Emission’, with Professor Michael
Forde, Department of Civil Engineering, (Highways Agency, London), 2nd supervisor.
2001-2002 Conor Snowden (Durham). ‘Complexity of seismograms at teleseismic distances’, with Prof. Alan Douglas, AWE Blacknest (NERC CASE), 1st supervisor for final two years of his project.
1996-2000 Michael Kay (Leeds). ‘Physico-chemical mechanisms of fault sealing’, with Drs S C Elphick & B T Ngwenya, (NERC), 2nd supervisor.
1996-2000 Kathryn Hardacre (Oxford & Durham). ‘Controlling mechanisms on fault growth rates’, with Dr P Cowie (NERC), 2nd supervisor.
1996-2000 Andrew Hughes (Durham). ‘Mechanisms of deep earthquakes’, with Dr R G Pearce & Prof A Thompson, ETH Zurich, (NERC), 1st supervisor.
1995-1999 Zoe Shipton (Leeds). ‘Displacement gradients at fault tips: the Chimney Rock fault array, Utah’, with Dr P Cowie, (NERC), 2nd supervisor.
1995-1998 Mehdi Rezapour (Tehran, Iran). ‘Seismotectonics and seismic hazard in Iran’, with Dr R G Pearce, (Iranian Government), 2nd supervisor.
1993-1997 Sean Dolan (University College Dublin). ‘Rock Heterogeneity at different scales: a comparative study using shear waves and seismic coda’, with Dr C J Bean, UCD, (EOLAS, Ireland), 2nd supervisor.
1993-1997 Karen Mair (Edinburgh). ‘Evolution and sealing properties of faults during deformation’, with Drs S C Elphick & M R W Johnston, (NERC), 1st supervisor.
1991-1995 Sandra Gadd (Manchester). ‘Geodynamic evolution of transform passive margins’, with Dr R Scrutton (NERC), 2nd Supervisor.
1992-1995 Hengchang Dai (Institute of Geophysics, China). ‘Application of neural networks to seismic data analysis’, with Dr C MacBeth, BGS Edinburgh, (BGS), 1st Supervisor.
1991-1995 Gordon Holmes (Queens, Kingston, Ontario). ‘Monitoring of shear waves from acoustic events in mines’, with Prof S Crampin (Commonwealth Scholarship), 2nd Supervisor.
1990-1995 Yun Liu (Chuang Chun, China). ‘Temporal variations in shear wave splitting as an earthquake precursor’, with Prof S Crampin, (BGS/ORS),
2nd Supervisor.
1990-1995 David Sharrock (Leeds). ‘Structure and heterogeneity of the Earth’s mantle’, with Prof A Douglas, MoD Blacknest, (NERC), 1st Supervisor.
1989-1992 Gillian Hatton (Royal Holloway & New Bedford College, London). ‘Structure and seismic signature of subsidiary damage around natural and artificial faults’, with Dr P G Meredith, UCL, and Dr R F Cheeney, (NERC), 1st Supervisor.
1989-1992 Jeremy Henderson (Oxford, MIT). ‘Earthquake dynamics and time-dependent seismicity in an intraplate setting’, with Dr R G Pearce, (NERC), 1st Supervisor.
1989-1992 Fotini Liakopoulou (Athens, Greece). ‘Seismotectonics of the eastern Mediterranean from digital earthquake seismograms’, with Dr R G Pearce, (IKY, Greece), 2nd Supervisor.
1987-1991 Rachel Abercrombie (Cambridge). ‘Earthquake rupture dynamics and neotectonics in the Aegean area’, with Dr P W Burton, BGS Edinburgh (NERC CASE), 1st Supervisor.
1988-1990 Nadia Ligdas (Athens). ‘P-wave velocities in the crust and upper mantle of the Aegean area by tomographic inversion’ (self-funded), 1st supervisor.


2019-2021 Mohammed Al Benalshaikh, (ex Durham) ‘Applying Machine learning for seismic interpretation’, with Mark Chapman, 2nd supervisor.
2010-2011 James Boffin(Edinburgh). ‘Optimisation approaches to modeling and analysing oil and gas reservoirs in the North Sea’, with Dr Peter Richtarik (Statistics), 2nd supervisor.
2004-2005 Jade Dickinson (Edinburgh). ‘Effect of rainfall on the seismic response of near-surface layers, first supervisor, with Profs Mike Forde (Civil Engineering) and Marco Mucciarelli  Potenza, Italy), 1st supervisor.
1999-2003 Fabien Borocin (Rome, Italy). M Phil ‘Developing a model for core-seismic upscaling using shear-wave experiments’, with Dr E. Liu (BGS Edinburgh), 2nd supervisor.
2000-2001 Ian Bastow (Edinburgh) M Res ‘A comparison of moment tensors to tectonic deformation in the North Pacific’ (NERC funded), 1st supervisor.
1999-2000 Elizabeth Couchman (Queen Mary & Westfield College, London University) M Res ‘Seismic risk assessment image for the greater Seattle area using a Geographical Information System’, with Dr W Phillips, Geography department, (NERC), 1st supervisor.
1997-1998 Gareth O’Brien (Durham) M Sc ‘Non-fractal nature of seismicity’, with Dr Jeremy Henderson, Durham, (Amoco, UK), 2nd supervisor.
1996-1997 Anthony Irranca (Cambridge) M Res ‘Evolution of fault gouge during low-temperature fluid-rock interactions’ (NERC), 1st supervisor.

Diploma In Research

2002-2003 Aikaterini Yannouli (Thessaloniki, Greece). ‘A global study of earthquake aftershocks/foreshocks’, 1st supervisor.

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