Former Students

The EIP is built up of different phases. The latest, phase 3, commenced in September 2019. Below the people who finished their work within the previous phases are listed.

EIP Phase 2

  • Carlos Alberto da Costa Filho: PhD, then PostDoc – Imaging and demultiple using Marchenko methods. Now a research scientist in CGG, Brazil.
  • Claire Allmark: PhD – Surface wave interfermetry and attenuation tomography. Now at an acoustic company, U.K.
  • Satyan Singh: PostDoc – Migration-based imaging methods and neural network inversion. Now at CGG, U.K.
  • Stephanie Earp: PhD – Marchenko methods and Machine learning. Now founder of Optik Imaging.

EIP Phase 1

  • Giovanni Meles: – PostDoc – Wavefield scattering and interferometry. Now a PostDoc at TU Delft, the Netherlands.
  • Matteo Ravasi: PhD – Imaging beyond primaries. Now a research scientist at Equinor, Norway.
  • Katrin Löer: PhD – Scattering methods and multiples. Now an academic in Bochum.
  • Martin Martin: PhD deconvolutional interferometry
  • Sara Rawlinson: PhD deconvolutional interferometry. Now a scientist in GNS Science, New Zealand