Edinburgh Imaging Project

Edinburgh Imaging Project

The Edinburgh Imaging Project (EIP) develops novel methods for imaging and monitoring of the Earth's subsurface, using methods from inverse theory, migration, tomography and data science
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The Edinburgh Imaging Project (EIP) explores the exciting fields of imaging and monitoring of the Earth’s subsurface, principally for applications within industry. EIP often uses methods from inverse theory, migration, tomography and data science.

Over the past decade, EIP has created many new seismic, seismological, electromagnetic, and ambient noise imaging methods. EIP explores and creates these advances, transfers them to sponsors organisations, publicises them to interested communities, and trains excellent graduate students.

The fundamentals of imaging methods span a broad range of disciplines, requiring expertise in mathematics, physics, wave theory, signal processing, exploration geophysics, earthquake seismology, ambient noise theory, inverse theory, machine learning, and numerical and experimental modelling and imaging. EIP therefore includes researchers from a wide variety of international backgrounds, and Ph.D. and postdoctoral positions are often available for the brightest students and researchers in the above areas. All research is fully funded by a consortium of industrial companies, currently:
Schlumberger, Total and BP.

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Our latest and most exciting research may not be ready for publication yet. Our sponsors have early access via the links below.