Learn has a useful Announcements tool which allows you to post messages to students enrolled on your course. Announcements remain on the course site (unless you delete them) and they also appear in the Learn applet on MyEd. When creating an announcement, you can select to send an email to all students with the same message.

Example of Announcement to students regarding TopHat

Dear all,

There will be times this semester when you will be asked to register your attendance using a system called TopHat.

In order to do so, you need to create an account and enrol on the course in TopHat. Instructions can be found here:

The 6 digit course join code for <course name> is <6 digit course join code>.

Further information on TopHat can be found on the University support pages here:

If you experience any problems creating an account or registering with the course in TopHat, please email the IS helpline at

Thanks for your cooperation.


Notifications alert the user to activity on the course site. This may include new content being added or due dates for assignments. The default for notifications is a daily digest sent out after 5pm, however, these can be configured by each user so don’t assume a student has received a particular notification.

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