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Prosper Portal is an online platform that has been created to offer postdocs and institutions that support them, across the UK, a wide range of resources to enable postdoc career potential. Career planning is often about making the best use of pockets of time that you have available and Prosper Portal has been designed to help researchers.

The portal contains a wealth of information but the important message is not to feel like you have to work through all the sections at once. The resources have been created so that you can dip into topics of key interest. That being said, the portal is divided into 3 key areas Reflect, Explore and Act. If you perhaps have a greater amount of time available or are keen to do some self-reflection to further understand what might make a good next step then the Reflect section is worth spending the time exploring in detail. If you are time limited then “Overcoming Limiting Beliefs” is excellent to look at. Other useful resources to explore are “Self Coaching: making time for career development” and “Pivoter Profiles”, which is a range of case studies from those that have changed direction.

The “Explore” section features “Career clusters”, which is a great resource for exploring different sectors. If you are keen to explore skills employers want then the “In demand skills section” is for you. Other key resources within this section are “former postdoc case studies” and “Postdoc Panel sessions”.

Lastly the “Act” section covers more practical next steps with information on CV’s and interviews. This is a great resource and even small amounts of time invested will add up! If you’d like to discuss the portal or any other aspects related to your career then do get in touch with Eleanor or Darcey for a 1:1 Consultation. Happy Browsing!

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