New Careers Resource!

We have put together a comprehensive guide for researchers new to the University that is designed to highlight key resources for career planning and the stage at which you might need them during your time at the University of Edinburgh.

However, you don’t have to be a new member of staff to make use of this guide, it’s available on the IAD website:

“New staff career development timeline: Career planning guide for new research staff”

Navigate to the stage that you are at and read which resources are key to focus on. Do remember that 1:1 Career Development Career Consultations are available throughout the year so if you would like to discuss your plans in more detail book a consultation via the People & Money Learning App.

This blog was written by Eleanor Hennige.  Eleanor is the IAD’s Research Staff Careers Consultant, supporting fixed-term research staff at the University with their career planning and options.  In addition to running our 1:1 appointments, she also delivers our suite of career workshops, career discussion groups and works with Schools/Research Staff Societies on career specific events and workshops.  Eleanor works on a part-time basis (5 mornings a week) and can be contacted at

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