Happy New Year

Welcome or welcome back to all researchers at The University of Edinburgh. We hope you are starting the year feeling refreshed and equipped for the adventures ahead. This is a new blog and we’re still finding our feet but we hope this will help you to understand the work we do at IAD, help us point you to valuable opportunities and resources and give you a platform for your own ideas and development.

Here are five ideas to get things rolling. In 2017, could you…

  1. Meet new people and learn something. If the new year inspired a mission for learning and growing, then take a look at the range of training we offer at the IAD, as well as training and development offered in your School or College. Don’t forget that one of the biggest benefits of attending training is the chance to meet other researchers, share perspectives and good practice.
  2. Learn on your own terms. If you are keen to develop but need a more flexible approach, we also offer online training. You don’t need to get dressed or leave the house (generally we prefer you to do both of these things when you come to our face to face training…)
  3. Be a better version. If better time management is a resolution then there are more resources available than anyone trying to improve their personal effectiveness should ever look at, but we like the visual approach of the Unstuck site and this is their new year post.
  4. Discover something. Moving away from the development theme, why not take a bit of time this week to discover something new in Edinburgh? A few gems are listed on the Undiscovered Edinburgh site, but it would be great to hear your favourites.
  5. Look after yourself. If you don’t have a happy track record of sticking to your resolutions, then why not make 2017 a year to be kinder to yourself? We’ll be thinking about resilience and wellbeing a lot in 2017. Look out for more from us, but in the meantime, this post on developing strategies to say ‘no’  from Raul Pacheco-Vega might strike a chord with some of you who are choosing not to follow the NY resolution setting crowd. For those of you who are, perhaps Susie Moore’s thoughts on saying yes are more your thing.

Whatever this year holds, we hope we can help.




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