Christopher Boniface and Lachlan Urquhart ventured north to the Granite City to present at the SCOTLIN conference on 27th and 28th March 2023. The conference brought together researchers from many Scottish Universities and beyond working on a variety of issues around Law and Technology.

The conference theme was “Law and the Future: Managing the Increased Resort to Technology” where the programme had a range of sessions on robotics and drone regulation, internet of things governance, innovation in legal education, Intellectual property and competition in the digital age, AI and the Law, and researching data subject rights.

Christopher and Lachlan presented their paper on the legal and social aspects of the right to repair for internet of things technologies. They explored how the right to repair is conceptualised across a wide range of literature, alongside exploring the shifting legal landscape in environmental, consumer protection, cybersecurity and data protection law frameworks. For example, just last week a new EU law proposal emerged developing the right to repair for a wider range of technologies, including mobile phones and tablets. This talk provided valuable feedback for a forthcoming journal paper on the topic, which is part of the wider EPSRC Fixing the Future project.

Thanks to the organisers for running this conference. For any further information, please contact Dr Lachlan Urquhart or Dr Christopher Boniface.