Conferences and Talks

L Urquhart and C Boniface, ‘Towards a More Sustainable Internet of Things?‘ Sustainable AI Conference, Bonn University Institute of Science and Ethics, Germany [May 2023]

L Urquhart and C Boniface, ‘Legal Aspects of the Right to Repair for Consumer IoT’ British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association, ALTI/Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands [April 2023]

C Boniface and L Urquhart, ‘Fixing the Future: Right Repair and Consumer IoT’, Scottish Law and Innovation Conference, Aberdeen [March 2023]

S Lechelt invited poster presentation for UoE Provost’s visit to the School of Informatics.

L Urquhart and S Lechelt, Circular Economy Festival, Edinburgh [Nov 2022]

M Stead, ESRC Festival of Science, Lancaster [Nov 2022]

L Urquhart, D McAuley and L Edwards, ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong and So Will Other Robots’, Gikii 2022, Reykjavik. [July 2022]


N Sailaja, T Castle Green, P Coulton, M Stead, J Lindley, L Urquhart, D Darzentas. UbiFix: Tackling Repairability Challenges in Smart Devices. Proceedings of Ubicomp 2023, Cancun.

C Boniface, M Terras, and L Urquhart ‘Fixing the Future: Right to Repair for IoT’ (Forthcoming)

S Lechelt, K Gorkovenko, and C. Speed, “On Disused Connected Devices: Understanding Disuse, ‘Holding On’ and Barriers to Circularity” – Forthcoming

T Castle-Green, T., and N Sailaja,  “Repairing the IoT: Reviewing the Landscape of Community Repair” – Forthcoming

L Urquhart and A McStay ‘Regulating Emotional Artificial Intelligence in Cars’, Barfield, W. Pagallo,U. and Weng, Y.H.  Human Robot Interaction and the Law Cambridge University Press.

A Atabey, B Schafer and L Urquhart ‘How do you Solve a Problem Like Alexa?’ IRIS 2023, Salzburg (won a top 10 Lexis Nexis Award)

M Stead and P Coulton ‘More Than Human Right to Repair?’ Design Research Society 2022, Bilbao [PDF]. [July 2022]

Public Engagement

Hosted Talk for Rob Collins on “Repairing Interactions: Everything Is Broken And That Is OK.” RAD Lab (L Urquhart). (1 June 2023)

M Stead and P Coulton ‘‘Liberate the tractors’: the right to repair movement that’s regaining control of our devices’ The Conversation [Aug 2022]

M Stead, P Coulton, J Lindley and Others “Connected tech: smart or sinister?”, Response to DCMS Call for Evidence [June 2022]. See also D McAuley, L Urquhart and Others response to the same call [here]