Wuhan: Life After Lockdown

A BBC Our World podcast

An excellent 25 minute podcast in the consistently good Our World series on BBC Radio is available, featuring the accounts of many people in Wuhan. This longer version is only available after signing in, and so is accessible only by people who have a BBC licence in the UK. However, in addition a shorter version focusing on some of these people in particular is available via the BBC News app here. ‘Inside Wuhan: Life after coronavirus lockdown’ is concerned with Decameron stories as told, not by the original Italian privileged and rich plague story-tellers, but the ordinary extraordinary folk of Wuhan.

BBC Our World. Producer: Natalia Zuo; Filmed by: Hong Chutian; Edited by: Natalia Zuo, Gordon Watt; Assistant Producer: Yitsing Wang; Executive Producers: Claire Williams, Adam Grimley, Howard Zhang

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Liz Stanley

Liz Stanley is Professor of Sociology @ University of Edinburgh, email liz.stanley@ed.ac.uk. I’m a feminist sociologist who works on everyday documents of life, particularly letters, to research social change over time.

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