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Testing, Testing

Here we are at the end of Week 3. For a while I was getting frustrated because I guess I was expecting this course to be a bit more didactic, more directly how-to. This is partly because of my difficulty with the alien language of social science; but also of course because we are all […]

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One Week In

oooh! My first comment. How nice. Having spent too much time whingeing about social-science-speak, its probably time to confess its all very stimulating. So at the end of the first week, what do I find nagging at the corners of my brain? I must play with some more tools! I have never tried Pebble Pad […]

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Coping with the jelly

So this is Day-3. I have been dutifully working my way through the activities. I think I am “surfacing” my concerns but not necessarily “abating” them. As our nice friendly group tutor knows, as a nerdy physicist, I am finding the social science language everything is couched in a bit like trying to nail jelly […]

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Course Kick Off

Hello world. Or at least some of it. I signed up for the popular course run by the nice folk at Moray House – “An Edinburgh Model for Online Teaching”.  We are encouraged to set up a University-based blog as part of the course, so here we go. The course set up a template and […]

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