Coping with the jelly

So this is Day-3. I have been dutifully working my way through the activities. I think I am “surfacing” my concerns but not necessarily “abating” them. As our nice friendly group tutor knows, as a nerdy physicist, I am finding the social science language everything is couched in a bit like trying to nail jelly to the wall. I am particularly befuddled by “Openness is neither neutral nor natural: it creates and depends on closures”. As me old Mum used to say, I ‘ad one of them but the wheel come off. But I am being too rude. Hopefully I will join in the spirit and even though things are swirling in the air, I will find the dust of a thousand truths to settle slowly on my head.

Meanwhile, I am thinking (a) what is a “padlet” anyway? Was I supposed to know this? and (b) Will my S1 hybrid-students engage, and how? Traditionally they self-assemble into small physical groups and work together. Will that happen online if they have never met? How?

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