Asynchronous teaching and washing machines

Well… here I am trying to make some recordings for my splendid new hybrid version of Fourier Analysis and Statistics. It is making me realise that contingencies of space and time (see I am learning the speak) are an issue that needs surfacing for the teacher as well as the student. What I am saying is, its all very well deciding I have a spare two hours this morning to get some footage in the can, but that was before the folk upstairs decided this was the time to do their washing. The spin cycle is wreaking havoc with my webcam.

2 thoughts on “Asynchronous teaching and washing machines

  1. I feel your pain, Andy.

    If it helps, I’ve realised (slowly) that I’m not making Hollywood movies when it comes to some recordings. That’s not to say they’re bad (I’d like to think they aren’t!) but I used to spend so much time fine tuning things, removing umms and errs, adding transistions etc.

    Hope you manage to get some shake free recordings complete soon!

  2. Hi Andy,

    Ah, neighbours! A timely reminder of when students find those precious two hours to study and ‘next door’ decides to practice their ukulele.

    All the best,


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