One Week In

oooh! My first comment. How nice. Having spent too much time whingeing about social-science-speak, its probably time to confess its all very stimulating. So at the end of the first week, what do I find nagging at the corners of my brain?

  • I must play with some more tools! I have never tried Pebble Pad yet. Padlets are leaving me a bit unimpressed, but I will try again. Many of Physics Chums like Piazza, but I haven’t dipped in yet.
  • How is Group Learning going to work in the hybrid world? I see that is a featured discussion elsewhere.
  • More generally, how do we encourage peer learning when students are not meeting each other in person, working out who they get on with, etc?
  • How do we get feedback to students? Again, a featured discussion I see.
  • What is the online equivalent of the “flipped classroom”? In Introductory Astrophysics, we love to get the students to do some of the work. I worry that online they will be too passive

Now for the weekend. Where’s that bottle of Joker? Time for my evening walk across the Meadows to get cross about the litter.

2 thoughts on “One Week In

  1. Andy, I think Pebbble pad looks an excellent tool – the material for the first two weeks has been really interesting.

    I find getting groups together online to do group work, then some peer teaching in VC sessions is really effective

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend….

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