“I wanted to create a personal reflection to the course and one that would represent the thoughts and feelings of Generation Z, which for too long have been cast aside. We are after all the generation that will have to recover from and manage the long lasting impacts that Covid has started to have and is yet to have on society. Being an Art History student, I was aware of the ongoing restrictions that Covid placed on the creative industries. An artistic response therefore seemed appropriate to best express the demands of peers; critical of institutions’ actions or lack of.

The composition consciously uses relevant newspaper cuttings and recycled paper; a hybrid of tactile collaging (including the letter stamps) and editing the layout digitally with Photoshop. This resonated a lot with the hybridity of many students’ 2nd year at university, as a result of the ongoing risk Covid posed. I kept the colours minimal create a striking impact and not detract from the message I am trying to communicate. The words on the left of the poster were found in newspapers and illustrate associated phrases and words, pessimisms and hopes of planetary health. On the right are comments expressed by peers I surveyed.

Now, about half a year on from completing this poster, the wealth gap exposed by Covid (access to education and resources) has been exacerbated further with the looming energy crisis. Public health, the environment, the economy, education – all of these modern world issues are important and need to be discussed and approached holistically.”


Isobel Reichert

German and History of Art

Undergraduate, Year 2

Edinburgh, Scotland

Currents 2021


A collage made by Isobel Reichert. It is made of words cut from a newspaper, posted on a white background dotted with grey letters. The words on the left have red squares behind them.