“As I’ve highlighted, art and health are closely interlinked, therefore it is important that the cultural arts remain a prominent part of our daily lives. I have taken an interest in this topic specifically, as I believe it can be disregarded in the sense that more pressing issues are prioritised. Therefore, I would like to incorporate this artistic nature into my asset by creating a visual representation of how coronavirus has affected us overall. I intend to reflect my experience with the pandemic by drawing and narrating various ways in which the virus has impacted us, whilst also showing various coping mechanisms which have been employed by societies globally.

My initial inspiration for the project extends from the idea that ‘children are the future’, knowing that presently, youths have minimal control of their own lives. I believe that children are the key to the conservation of the planet, and therefore need to be educated on how coronavirus has impacted society, as well as leading the fight against climate change. Therefore, the objective of my asset is to illustrate the areas of the course I have found to be the most profound and meaningful. For me, this will include planetary health, as well as the art and culture surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. I aim to target my asset to those who had a vague understanding surrounding the topics preceding the information given. Specifically, I would like to educate those younger than me on the importance of the pandemic and how it will inevitably affect their own lives in the future as well as the present.

Regarding the asset, my main aim is to encourage young kids to gain a basic understanding of the problems we are tackling, and hopefully, when they are old enough, urge them to be part of the solution rather than the problem in the fight against these global challenges that we currently face.”


Thomas Hall

Business with Enterprise and Innovation ME (Hons)


Dromore, Northern Ireland

Currents 2020