“For my asset I have decided to create a poster. This poster sets up the framework to understand the pre-existing issues within society and proposes ways that we can move forwards. The poster explains a wide range of concepts which an individual may have encountered but might not have understood due to a stigma surrounding sustainable development as a radical concept. I discuss how a new class has formed in recent times of unsustainable economic position known as the precariat. The existence of the new class shows us how capitalism has resulted in many suffering if unsustainable behaviour is no longer possible. The poster sets out to provide information that would often only be circulated within the scope of university/ leftist political spheres as they directly compete with the generally accepted capitalist society we currently live in. It shows how implementation of policies like the UK job retention scheme have provided job security for much of the population although this is very close to a currently considered radical policy of universal basic income. From my research I now see that Nicola Sturgeon herself is an advocate for universal basic income but would require support from the greater UK government to make this possible. From this I also found how Nicola Sturgeon presented a talk discussing the ineffectiveness of using GDP as a representative of growth as it does not provide a clear picture of a country. This also lead me to learning of SIN, a multinational coalition of the Scottish, Icelandic and New Zealand governments promoting global wellbeing. Learning of this I plan in future to find ways to support my government in these discussions and would be interested to see if perhaps posters like the one I have made could be applied to extend a hand for citizens to interact with both each other and the government to promote wellbeing and sustainability.”


Liam Quinn

Physics (MPhys)


Edinburgh, Scotland

Currents 2020


Click here to see Liam Quinn’s creative asset, a poster considering ‘What could make a well-being economy?’.

Liam is a physics student with an interest in photography. You can see more of his work on Instagram by clicking here, @liamjquinn_.


Featured Image: Photograph of Liam Quinn