“My asset is a card game and accompanying rule book by the name of Covid! Through it, I hoped to capture and communicate the many and varied lived experiences of coronavirus – both the disease itself and the unprecedented social measures that have accompanied it.

Each week in Currents we’ve been exposed to new perspectives on an issue that is so vast as to be unknowable. From this growing (and seemingly shrinking) knowledge came my central concern: the complex web of lives and experiences of coronavirus that are at once inter-related and isolated from one another. So much of this course was new to me – how much of it would be new to the average person? We should all know a little more than we do.

Covid! therefore attempts to expose its players to a wide range of perspectives – some of which might not be apparent to them. It draws on many topics the course has touched on, although regrettably has struggled to capture the issues of race and gender which are central to lived experiences of the virus.”


Alastair Barron



Inverness, Scotland

Currents 2020


Click here to see Alastair Barron’s creative asset, a board game entitled Covid!.

Please note: Alastair’s original submission had wonderful images on many of the game cards, but due to copyright issues we had to remove them. We hope that one day the game will be published with new images in place.


Alastair is a young creative living and working in Scotland’s central belt. He has worked as a producer, editor, and composer in various theatre productions, performed and written for musicians across Scotland, and found particular joy teaching music and drama to children aged 8-18. Please consider following his latest creative project, @alastair_ish on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/alastair_ish


Featured Image: Photograph of Alastair Barron