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The enslavement of children was a regular feature in Roman antiquity – a fact that is long recognized. But the centrality of the enslavement of children to Roman slaving has not yet been properly grasped: this project was designed to fill this gap and to write these children’s history.

This site provides details of the project aims and the research presented and/or published to date by the project team members. This site also provides access to some reading materials in addition to source materials that document the enslavement of children in Roman antiquity; it also provides a forum for engagement with a topic that is as historically old as it is of ongoing concern.

The project was generously funded by the Leverhulme Trust through a Major Research Fellowship, 2017-2020.

Ulrike Roth (Project-PI, Reader, Ancient History, The University of Edinburgh)

2 thoughts on “About this project

  1. Desearía conocer más de este proyecto, ya que mi investigación, desde mi tesis publicada por la Universidad de Granada, sobre la esclavitud en las colonias del sur peninsular, está centrada en la esclavitud romana

  2. Dear colleague,
    Thanks very much for your interest in our work. We have started to publish some of our findings in article-form, and also give research papers. You can see the relevant publications and papers under the ‘Publications/Presentations’-icon on this site.
    The bulk of the research will be published in monograph form, in a free-standing book authored by U. Roth, as well as in a multi-authored volume drawing on research from across the ancient Mediterranean in the Roman era. including work by both U. Roth and T. Sandon. Both these studies are still work-in-progress at this stage. We will post updates to this site when we have further news.
    Kind regards,
    The project team

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