Publications / Presentations

In addition to publishing their research and the project results in print and on-line media, the team members have also regularly presented the findings of individual aspects of their work on Roman child slavery to other academics and the public, at conferences, workshops and seminars as well as on other public occasions. Recent and forthcoming publications and presentations analyse evidence for child sexual abuse in Roman slavery and the trafficking of minors in the Roman world. A selection of the presented and published research arising from the project is given below. (For the team members’ full publication lists, follow the respective links on the ‘Project team‘-page.)

i. Publications

Roth, U., ‘De l’Euphrate à la Graeca urbs: esclavagisme et migration à Rome. Le cas d’Herméros dans le Satyricon de Pétrone’, in M. T. Schettino (ed.), Migrations, mobilité et transferts culturels: le cas des régions frontalières dans l’antiquité (Mulhouse: PU, 2022), in press

Roth, U., ‘Confronting gender-based violence in ancient Rome: the sexual violation of pubescent boys’, 16 Days Blogathon | Day 5 (2021)

Roth, U., ‘Speaking out? Child sexual abuse and the enslaved voice in the Cena Trimalchionis‘, in D. Kamen and C. W. Marshall (edd.), Slavery and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2021), 278-315

Roth, U. ‘Anything but enlightened: child slavery in the Roman world’, The Historian 144 (2020), 30-33

ii. Presentations 

** 2021 **

Roth, U., ‘Modelling enslaved child labour in ancient Rome’ (conference paper), 4 May 2021, www (Edinburgh); International conference on «Child Slavery in the Roman World»

Roth, U., ‘Building an epigraphic family tree for Roman imperial slavery’ (workshop paper), 30 April 2021, www; British Epigraphy Society Spring Conversation «An Epigraphy of Slavery?»

** 2019 **

Sandon, T., ‘The ideal husband: the identity of Roman freedwomen’s husbands and the role of manumissio matrimonii causa‘ (seminar paper), 12 December 2019, London; Institute of Classical Studies «Ancient History Seminar»

Roth, U., ‘Gendering slavery: men, women, and others … aka children’ (conference paper), 1 November 2019, New Haven; Gilder Lehrman Center 21st Annual Conference on «A Deep History of Slavery: Antiquity and Modernity in Dialogue»

Roth, U., Römische Kindersklaverei: (alte) Qualen und (neue) Zahlen’ (seminar talk), 9 July 2019, Freiburg i. B.; Universität Freiburg, Althistorisches Kolloquium

Sandon, T. (with Morbidoni, P. L.), ‘The Roman slave community. Identifying slaves in the Latin epigraphic evidence’ (poster), 18 May 2019, Newcastle; British Epigraphy Society Spring Meeting.


Sandon, T., ‘To be or not to be a slave child … Identifying enslaved children in Latin inscriptions’ (poster), 10 November 2018, London; 22nd Autumn Colloquium of the British Epigraphy Society

Roth, U. and Sandon, T., ‘Roman slavery: quantitative and qualitative approaches’ (public lecture), 13 June 2018, Edinburgh; Albertus Institute for Science, Knowledge and Religion

Sandon, T., ‘Never ask a (freed)woman her age. Age-recording and age-rounding in Roman Italy’ (poster) 5 May 2018, Rome; British Epigraphy Society Spring Meeting.

Roth, U., ‘Child slavery in the Roman world: framing the question’ (seminar talk), 24 April 2018, Nottingham; University of Nottingham, Department of Classics Research Seminar

Roth, U., ‘Child slavery at Rome’ (workshop paper), 26 January 2018, New Haven; Yale University, Archaia Ancient Societies Workshop on «Slavery, Dependency and Genocide in Antiquity and Premodernity»

** 2017 **

Roth, U., ‘From the Euphrates to the graeca urbs: migration and slavery at Rome. The case of Hermeros’ (conference paper), 3 November 2017, Mulhouse; Université de Mulhouse, Collegium Beatus Rhenanus on «Migrations, mobilité et transferts culturels: le cas des régions frontalières dans l’Antiquité/Migrationen, Mobilität und Kulturtransfer: Grenzregionen in der Antike»

Roth, U., ‘Women, children, families: contextualising Roman slavery’ (workshop paper), 30 June 2017, Nottingham; ISOS workshop on «Greek and Roman Slavery»

Sandon, T., ‘Manumissio matrimonii causa?  Patron- freedwoman unions in the light of the epigraphic evidence’ (workshop paper) 1 July 2017, Nottingham; ISOS workshop on «Greek and Roman Slavery»

Roth, U., ‘Women, children, families: from Roman slavery to Medieval serfdom’ (workshop paper), 12 May 2017, Newcastle; Newcastle University networking meeting on «Slavery: Dialogues Across Time and Space»