Current Projects

Stand Up for Health (SUH)

Sedentary behaviour can be described as spending extended periods of time in a sitting, reclining or lying posture. It is a serious occupational health hazard, linked with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal issues, and poor mental wellbeing. The Stand Up for Health intervention aims to reduce sedentary behaviour in contact centres, while offering staff fun and engaging opportunities to reduce their sitting time, increase physical activity, improve productivity, relieve stress, improve energy levels, and boost mood. An evaluation of the Stand Up for Health intervention is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and runs from April 2019-June 2021.    

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20MPH Project

This NIHR funded study examines the impact of 20mph speed limits on safety and public health.

The research team, led by the University of Edinburgh and SCPHRP, hopes the project will inform other cities planning to introduce lower speed limits. It is the largest of its kind in the UK and will run until 2020. SCPHRP’s Ruth Jepson said: “We are excited about this major project, which we hope will provide very important insights into the public health effects of such initiatives“.

You can find out more about the 20MPH Project here.

Our Outdoors

‘Our Outdoors’ is a citizen science project which aims to contribute to public understanding of how shared outdoor spaces can affect our health and wellbeing. The project will also explore whether specific spaces affect people’s health and wellbeing differently and if so, why?

In this project, we need people like you, to get involved and help us learn about a range of local outdoor spaces. From streets and town squares to beaches, public parks and beyond. Any spaces can be included as long as they are outside and freely open to anyone (e.g. not a private garden).

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