Hi, welcome to my blog!

My name is Weile Zou, and I am studying MScR in Collections and Curating Practices at Edinburgh College of Art. I will use this blog to share my reflections and experiences regarding our group project.

During my undergraduate studies in Photography at the Film Academy of Chongqing University, I explored various forms of photographic expression, like documentary and film photography, to discuss social and cultural concepts behind Nostalgia in Contemporary Chinese metropolis. At the same time, my passion for being more involved in the Arts led me to participate in multiple arts projects, starting from volunteer to curatorial assistant.

Photograph of the Darkroom, The Author, 2023

I have been deeply influenced by my experience of public art projects, where volunteers and members of the public collaborate to create dozens of metres of artwork and interact organically with local community organisations and residents. This inspired me to explore more in community-based exhibitions.

Photograph of the Fuxing Community Project Encounter in Shanghai, The Author, 2019

After experience organising exhibitions and working with contemporary artists, including managing public museums, independent art spaces, and participating in a branch exhibition at the Chengdu Biennale. As an art curator, I find that the role allows for flexibility in creating a space for the public to engage and learn. I believe that art reflects society and can influence its audience, but it often reaches a limited group. Therefore, I strive to build a welcoming space in art institutions that serves as a crossroad for interaction among people of different education levels, ages, and classes.