Sketchbook Mini-exhibition Sharing

  • Sketchbook by Sahanna

Her portfolio is a work of art, featuring doodles, paintings, collages, and ceramics. There is so much interesting content in it.


  • Sketchbook by Huayue

She specializes in drawing with colored pencils and has a strong sense of series, particularly in her beautiful depictions of objects and landscapes.


  • Sketchbook by Iaam

Her work showcases a very personal style, incorporating elements such as dreams, religion, symbols, and animals. I particularly admire her illustration style.


  • Sketchbook by Ruiyi

Ruiyi’s focus is primarily on comics, and her character designs are so cute, showcasing different movements and expressions.


  • Sketchbook by Zhe Wang

Her style is so diverse and I believe the experiences are invaluable. Her drawing of the window in her room is one of my favorites, as each piece feels like a different view at a different time.


  • Sketchbook by Zicheng

Zicheng’s work features numerous paintings of plants and spaces, and she specializes in working with rich colors, creating strong contrasts that feel like they are dancing in each painting.


  • Sketchbook by Lingli

Her landscape pieces are particularly noteworthy, as she excels at organizing them with just 2-3 colors.


  • Sketchbook by Ziheng

Ziheng’s sketches of people are truly impressive, with a unique flair that draws inspiration from Matisse. Her work is perfect for magazine illustration.


  • Sketchbook by Kiki

Last but not least, I am thrilled that so many people have enjoyed my work and have left precious comments. I was even voted by some students to win a gift prepared by Brigid!


The image below was posted by Brigid on Instagram!

It’s a “Dear Diary” moment.

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