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Lately, I’ve been exploring the theme of time, space, light, and atmosphere, which I call “Echoes of Time.” This theme was inspired by my experience in an art gallery where time created a sense of flow in a relatively static space where color and light blurred the architecture. I was captivated by the stillness of space and the flow of time, and after conducting some artistic research, I discovered that pastels can create a soft and hazy atmosphere.

So, I started experimenting with painting. The picture is my sketches in the Gallery.


  • Colour experiment

Initially, I tried using the pastel in my sketches and then began working on small blocks of color, including some superimposed colors. I used three different types of  pastel material: hard  pastel strips, soft  pastel strips, and moderately  pastel pencil. I found that the softer pastel, the smoother the transition between overlays and holo. Moreover, I discovered that  pastel pencil an advantage over  pastel strips when it came to detailing. I also experimented with coloring by hand, cotton swabs, and paper towels, which resulted in some beautiful processes being recorded.

I continued to experiment with irregular blocks of colour in pastel to depict the flow of time.


  • Creative sketches

Space in Time – National Galleries of Scotland (left) and Museums (right)

Left. Soft pastel on paper 21×14.8cm / Right. Soft pastel on paper 21×14.8cm


  • One of the finished illustrations

Walking with the Past

Soft pastel on paper



I continued to experiment with irregular blocks of color in pastel to depict the flow of time. The project is a series of artistic illustrations, with 6-8 planned. The next step is to explore how time flows in a still space, looking at light, time, space, and atmosphere. My hope is that the illustrations will be suitable for lifestyle and women’s magazines or stand-alone illustration album.


  • Here are a few questions I’d like to get your opinion on
  1. What kind of scenes do you think could be used to feel the flow of time, other than setting the scene in an interior space?
  2. Do you have a relevant artist or work to recommend?
  3. Are there other ways to present this theme than in magazines and stand-alone books?

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